Karin Lindroos

Karin is a communication professional working with content production focusing on sustainable lifestyle and food. She has worked as the writer, editor and photographer for several magazines and books on the topic of nordic food culture, and is passionate about telling the story about the food growing close by.

Email: karin@karinlindroos.com
Blog : karinlindroos.com
More pictures: flickr.com/karinlindroos
Instagram @karinlindroos

Magnus Lindström
Graphic designer, with extra warm feelings towards print.

Email: magnus.wigulf@gmail.com

Astrid Lindroos
The youngest of the siblings and the retoucher of the family. She found photography as a way to express herself when she was 14, and has since kept photography close by. After working three years as a print machine operator she moved to Stockholm in 2017 for studies. She is currently on her last year at STHLM School of photography where she studies retouch and all what that entails. She gets really excited about organising and structure, as well as coffee.

Email: astrid.lindroos@gmail.com
More retouch work at: astridlindroos.squarespace.com
Instagram @astridlindroos

Erik Lindroos
Illustrator with extra love for the classic pen and paper.